Friday, June 20, 2008


One hundred years in the future...

Mac sat on the lanai looking out over the rolling waves on the beach of Jamaica. She and Jon had been living in this house for the last ten years. Although, the names they were using now were James and Marti. The two of them had lived such a happy life and still had many more years ahead of them.

Sadly, she thought of her parents who had died over seventy years ago and Sandy, whom she’d lost just twenty-eight years later. Her friend had ended up married to Richie. They’d had a long and rich life. Mac had been so happy for her friends the day they’d married. She and Jon had attended each of their funerals, in disguise of course.

Jon still wrote music, although now his only audience was her and their two sons. Mac stroked her abdomen lovingly. She really hoped this child was a daughter.

She felt a pair of strong hands caress her shoulders. She hadn’t even heard his approach, but she seldom did. "Daydreaming again?" he asked.

Mac knew she’d never get tired of the sound of his voice. "Just thinking about our wonderful life," she told him.

"And it’ll only get better," he promised her. "I love you, moglie mia."

"I love you too, husband."